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September 25th and is expected to last to October 6th 2023.

FYI – Here we go again! Important work MI-TRALE has been waiting for! Replacing culverts is so crucial for the infrastructure of these trails.

The Ontonagon to Rockland (OR) Route will be partially closed for a culvert replacement. Closure will impact the southern end of trail from US-45 south to Cemetery Road in Rockland, MI. (see highlighted area) The closure begins September 25th and is expected to last to October 6th. Once this site is completed the crews will move to a second site on the north end of trail within the Village of Ontonagon. Please check DNR Website for updates.

Detour route would be P Trail to F Route in Greenland to Ontonagon. Or NR Route from SB Route

We have culverts going in on the BN (3 almost done), OR ( 2 just starting) & 1 SB (this fall weather permitting or next spring) routes so be prepared for it to happen again

SHORELINE RIDE: Lake Superior Shore Misery Bay DUE TO EROSION THIS IS NOT A VIABLE OPTION FOR RIDING AT THIS TIME.   We will keep you posted as seasonal storms often recreate and rearrange the scape of the shoreline, and it may once again offer a beautiful favorite destination to ride in the future. Please enjoy one of our other suggested rides or one of your favorites and enjoy the wonderful U.P. outdoors.

7-7-2023 FYI From the DNR about some temporary closures

Ontonagon County – Bill Nicholls (BN) ORV Route

Logging operations are occurring on state lands over the months of July and August that will require temporary weekday trail closures on the BN ORV Route. The impact areas will be from M38 crossing east to the Firesteel Trestles and then later on the east side of trestles to the Henwood Junction intersection. There are no reroute options available. Please check back for the latest updates and closure dates.

BN UPDATE:  Harvest operations will continue to occur during July and August and trail users are reminded to operate safely and respectfully as logging equipment will be traveling on the trail

Come join MI-TRALE! Enjoy some mining history, the beautiful area and meet new friends along the way!

July 22 – Copperfest ORV Ride – Historic Mining Ride: Leaving at 10:00AM ET from behind the Ontonagon Firehall. Bring a lunch and a beverage as the ride will last from 3 – 4 hours depending on the discussions along the way. Families are encouraged to join us

Just a reminder as the recreation sports change from snow to dirt. ORV Highway right-of-ways (ROW) are closed until May 1 this is where the trail runs legally on the side of Highways, MI-TRALE has several ROW’s LL Route in the town of Watersmeet by the Casino on US45, LL Route in the town of Paulding on US45, ES Route south of Lake Gogebic on US2, OR & NR Route in the town of Ontonagon along M64 and the P Trail in the town of Bergland along M28.

Ottawa National Forest has seasonal roads which are closed until May 16 this includes P Trail north of the town of Bergalnd & LL Route in in Paulding through the woods. Use the Ottawa National Forest MVUM maps or our free map app Michigan UP Trails, you can touch the trails to find the seasonal designation

Feb. 27, 2023

DNR March meetings include virtual opportunities to talk about state land review, fisheries management

The Department of Natural Resources is committed to providing Michigan residents the opportunity to share input and ideas on policy decisions, programs and other aspects of natural resource management and outdoor recreation opportunities.

One important avenue for this input is at meetings of the public bodies that advise the DNR and, in some cases, also set policies for natural and cultural resource management. Frequently check the DNR boards, commissions, committees and councils webpage for updates.

The link below will take you to the DNR webpage , where you will find meeting details such as location and agenda (when finalized). Please check these pages often, as meeting details may change and sometimes meetings are canceled.

Keep it safe, ORV riders

A person riding a dirt bike drives down a sandy slope; in the foreground, a road sign indicating a twisting path is slightly blurred.A friendly reminder to off-road vehicle operators to keep it safe while riding this holiday weekend and into the colder seasons.“Conservation officers see an increase in riders during holidays and on the weekends. Please keep the extra traffic in mind when you’re taking a turn and going over a hill,” said the DNR’s Cpl. Mike Hearn. “ORV accidents often happen when people get caught up in the moment of riding and keep increasing their speed, aren’t familiar with the terrain or their machines capabilities, or take a turn, hill or jump too fast without knowing what’s on the other side.”Speed and rider inexperience are the primary contributing factors for ORV accidents, serious injuries and death. Make sure to Ride Right and keep these tips in mind:Ride on the right side of the trail.Keep lights on when riding.Always wear a helmet.Ride sober.Understand and operate within the limits of your ORV and your own capabilities and experience.For more ORV safety and trail etiquette information, go to Find places to ride, rules and regulations, ORV events and more at Questions? Email Cpl. Mike Hearn.

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Ottawa National Forest -Planning on exploring the Forest on your OHV? Be sure to stop by any of the National Forest Offices and pick up your free Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM). Motor Vehicle Use Maps show the designated roads, trails, and areas for motorized use. Know before you go!