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We are an all volunteer organization that works very hard to provide safe and well signed trails for your enjoyment!

MI-TRALE encourages all riders to stay on the trails and obey the posted signs. Many of our trails are on private, State, and Federal land by special land use permits; we do not want to lose these trails from irresponsible use of the land.

Be an ambassador of our sport always, Ride Right, Ride Safe, Tread Lightly and PLEASE carry out what you carry in!

Safety First: ATVs and UTVs can be hazardous to operate. MI-TRALE strongly recommends that for your safety: Always wear your approved helmet and eye protection as required by Michigan law and appropriate clothing. Never carry a passenger, except on a vehicle manufactured to do so. Never drive or ride an ATV or UTV while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Always ride within your capability. Obey all local and state laws.

Your safety is our number one concern. Ride safely and enjoy your ride!

All laws are subject to change it is up to the user to have current information

Report illegal riding – call 1-800-292-7800

Helmets – All ORV operators and passengers must wear a U.S. Department of Transportation–approved crash helmet and protective eyewear or goggles, except when the ORV is equipped with a roof that meets or exceeds the standards for a crash helmet and the operator and passengers are wearing properly adjusted and fastened safety belts.

In 2012, Michigan passed a law giving some street-legal motorcycle operators the option of not wearing a helmet when operating on roadways. This law does not apply to ORVs, and helmets are still legally required to be worn by operators and passengers on ORVs in Michigan.

Michigan ORV license – All ORV’s must display a decal license to operate on any public land and an additional “trail permit” to operate on any state designated trail. Licenses/permits are available at many retail locations. Michigan DNR offices or

License is $26.25 Trail permit is an additional $10.00 MI-TRALE recommends purchasing both license and trail permit for our trail system.

Children under the age of 16 are required to pass and carry an ORV Safety Certificate

ORV Highway Right of Ways (ROW) Traveling on the shoulder of a State & Federal Highways is not open to ORV’s. Michigan law only allows ORV’s to use the ROW on federal and state highways where it is specifically approved by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), and signed open to ORV travel. MI-TRALE was granted 4 ROW segments in our trail system. Please use them safely between May 1 – November 30. Always travel in the same direction as the highway traffic

ORV Road Travel – 25mph unless posted otherwise, headlights always on for Safety

Multi-Use Trail Etiquette – The “Right of Way Rule” is that ORVs and other motorized sports will yield to all other trail users.  Non-motorized bikes will yield to hikers, runners, walkers and equestrians (those riding or driving horses).  Hikers, runners, and walkers will yield to equestrians.  Communication between riders is important for mutual safety.  Be alert and aware of the presence of other trail enthusiasts. Build a trail community.  Get to know others.  Respect and support each other. An encounter on the trails can be a pleasant experience for everyone.

Ottawa National Forest Closures– March 15 to May 15 some roads and trails are restricted from motorized use.  Please check with the USFS for more information on these closures.


Come ride and explore the MI-TRALE trail system!