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Ottawa Connector Route (OC) 74 Mile  – MDNR Designated  Multi use Trail

OC ORV Route – North-South route on the East side of the Ottawa National Forest (ONF) (see map below). The trail winds through the ONF on numerous forest roads and trails taking the rider through old groves of mighty Hemlock trees, massive hardwood stands and groves of new growth Aspen trees, by streams and creeks with amazing fishing  opportunities and primitive campsites too. While riding the OC route you will also travel down some quiet gravel county roads passing by small lakes with boat launches that make for a great picnic stops. There are lots of Blueberry and Blackberry picking spots too!  The rider can also connect to three major east west trail arteries: The southern most Iron River to Marenisco Route (IM), the central Sidnaw to Bergland Route (SB) and the northern most Bill Nichols Route (BN) that runs from Mass City to Houghton where your other connections are endless.  OC riders have multiple opportunities to patronize many small towns for fuel, lodging and food needs.

Services along or nearby the trail
Iron River – Gas, food, lodging, bar
Sidnaw- Gas, mini mart, café
Kenton – Bar and Grill
Rousseau – Bar and grill
Mass City – Gas, food, lodging, bar

Ottawa Eastern Connector Route MAP

IM Route – 68 miles – MDNR Designated  Multi Use Trail

East West Route – the rider will be traveling on the old state line railroad grade. There are over 20 bridges to cross and the Ottawa National Forest on either side of you most of the way. You will pass through the towns of Iron River, Watersmeet and Marenisco with gas, food, lodging, parts and more. Riders can branch off to the north and south on our club sponsored trails – LL Trail in Watersmeet, CR trail west of Watersmeet and the ES trail which is the farthest to the west north/south trail.  Also the MDNR OC Route 10 miles west of Iron River

IM EAST Route Map  IM WEST Route Map