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On Sunday, July 16th MI-TRALE will hold their July monthly ride. It will be a joint ride with ORVs and equestrian riders welcomed. Well, we call it a “Ride-In”, as both groups will ride their separate ways starting at 10:00 ET, and then “Ride-In” a couple of hours later for a great lunch back at the park. Where you can eat and share stories

All riders will meet at the Stannard Township Park (behind the CO-OP) in Bruce Crossing at 10:00 a.m. local time. Each ride will go their separate ways and meet up later back at the Stannard Park for lunch to be served at noon. The motorized folks will take a great ride that will include stopping at Bond Falls. From there they will have a ride through the country and returning to Bruce Crossing and the Stannard Township Campground and Park. A very nice ride and on a few forest routes that maybe some have not taken in the past.

The equestrian ride remains a guarded secret but is hinted to be a great ride as well.

MI-TRALE’s Equestrian Committee is planning the get together and will organize the lunch, which alone should not be missed. And, the lunch is at no cost as it is being provided by MI-TRALE.

So, bring your ride, be prepared for a great time and a great lunch not to mention being with a great group of people. Okay, maybe I am just a little biased, but if you attended the June ride, I am sure you will agree. And, remember this is open to all riders, MI-TRALE members or not. MI-TRALE extends our “Thanks” to Stannard Township for the use of their great park facilities.
Hope to see you there remember:

July 16th
10:00 a.m. Eastern Time
Stannard Township Park
Bruce Crossing, MI
Be prepared for a great time!
Share good times while you share the trails!


May 26, 2017 – CAUTION: BN Route – there is a bad/rough section of BN Route between M38 & M26 crossings and north of the trestle bridges (4) as shown on the map where logging took place and there was damage to the Route please use caution and try not to damage the trail any more when traveling through this area. Thank you


EXCITING NEWS!! MI-TRALE just got word we were awarded a $10,000 Polaris Trails Grant!! Thank you Polaris!!

MI-TRALE’s ORV safety education includes participating at Camp Nesbit which is a four-day outdoor educational experience for all 6th grade students within Ontonagon, Gogebic and Baraga Counties of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. MI-TRALE teaches each year over 100 students the Michigan ORV Safety Training Course so they can receive their permits to ride. We requested funds to purchase much needed safety equipment for these youth ORV safety training classes. The major items are: Helmets, eye protection, 2 youth ATV’s and various equipment for making the field training course.

The final area we requested funding for is trail counters. To properly maintain the trails we need to understand trail usage. The trail counts will provide the data required to properly schedule future maintenance projects. A secondary use for this data will be to promote our recreational sport by being able to publicize the numbers of riders that visit the area. This would help educate people on the important role that the ORV riders have in the tourist economy.

THANK YOU again Polaris!