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Spring Riding Where and When?

Everyone’s getting restless to get out on the trails and over here in the Western UP we have a mixed bag when it comes to where you can ride before May 16. You need to do your homework for the early spring riding to assure you are riding on legal trails

  • DNR has multi-use routes that are open all year. The routes are BN, SL, SB, OR, a portion of the LL & P
  • Ottawa National Forest has trails with a seasonal designation and those are closed March 16-May15
  • MI-TRALE’s has many club routes on county roads and they are open all year CL, CR, CE, NR, CW, G, F, CCE, CCW, ES, DH
  • M-DOT ROW’s are closed Dec.1 to April 30: MI-TRALE’s trail system has ROW (highway right of ways) where it is legal to ride on the highway but only May1 to Nov 30. So right now you cannot use them. These ROW’s are main connectors and very important to the trail system so please respect the Law, we don’t want to lose them.
  • ROW’s are located on
  • LL Route you cannot go along US45 by Northern Waters Casino in Watersmeet or in Paulding along US45
  • ES Route south of Lake Gogebic you cannot go along US2 to connect to the SL
  • NR Route you cannot go along M64 in Ontonagon
  • P Trail you cannot go along M28 in Bergland

Check out MI-TRALE’s FREE map app “Michigan UP Trails” google play store or apple store

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