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Rides / Challenges

2017 ATV & ORV Rides

August 16 – Club Ride

The ride will start south of Mass City following the OC trail over beautiful forest roads and trails through the Ottawa National Forest to Sidnaw. In Sidnaw, we will have lunch (on your own) at the Sidnaw Station. They have really great food and sandwiches, which are sure to have you returning in the near future. The ride will be approximately 30 miles each way and as noted, through some of the nicest and most scenic areas in the Ottawa. It is a very relaxing ride without a lot of water, mud and technical trails. Those new to ATVing may find the ride especially relaxing.

The ride will start at what is often referred to as Petty Coat Junction or Pori. Actually, it is an old railroad siding located south of Mass City approximately 13 miles. The site provides for more than adequate parking for vehicles and trailers. The GPS coordinates are: 46 deg. 40’ 48” North, 88 deg. 57’ 34” West. Please see the directions below for greater detail.

In Summary:
Date: August 16th (Wednesday)
Time: 10:00 a.m. EDT
Starting location: Pori aka Petty Coat Junction – see directions below
Ride: Traveling to Sidnaw on the OC trail and returning after lunch
Who: Open to club members or those who would like to join us, everyone is welcome
Riders are free to remain with us the entire ride or continue the ride on their own

Directions from Mass are as follows:
From highway-26 at the blinking light, turn south onto Depot Rd which changes to Depot Ridge Rd for 1.8 miles. Continue straight as it now becomes Rousseau Road. In approximately 4.7 miles you will note the Rousseau Bar to your right. Continue another ½ mile to Pori Road (you are now on the OC trail) and then an additional 2.9 miles to where Pori dead ends. Turn right for another 1/2 of a mile to the rail road tracks which is Petty Coat Junction or Pori which is the location of the above referenced GPS coordinates and our starting point.

Directions from highway -38 at FH-16:
FH-16 is 7 miles east of highway-26 at Lake Mine.
From highway-38 go south on FH-16 for 6.2 miles to Pori Road which will be on your right. Continue on Pori Road 3.3 miles to the rail road tracks which is Petty Coat Junction also known as Pori.

Directions from the south starting at Trout Creek:
From highway -28 and Davison Road/Gardner Road go north 16.1 miles which changes to Mud Creek Road. Turn right onto FR 1180 for approximately 2.8 miles to where it dead ends on the FR 1100. This is also the OC trail. Turn left or north on the FR 1100 for 2.3 miles to it dead ends on the Pori Road. Turn left or west .4 miles to Pori or Petty Coat Junction.

August 19 – Ride to the Summit Mount Arvon – Michigan’s highest point. The ride will begin promptly at 10:00 a.m. local time from the parking lot of the now closed Eagles Club, located at 18055 US 41 in L’Anse. The location is also adjacent to the Hilltop Restaurant. 

This ride will occur during Michigan’s Free Ride Weekend. No ORV license or trail permit is required for this weekend. And, it is open to all who may be interested in joining MI-TRALE for the ride. Bring your friends and enjoy a beautiful ride. 

The ride will depart promptly at 10:00 a.m. local time and have stops at Black Slate and Quartzite Falls. The ride will then proceed to Mount Arvon which is Michigan’s highest point rising to 1,979 feet above sea level. You will on a clear day have a beautiful view of Lake Superior and the Huron Islands. At the summit are picnic tables, fire pits and a mail box. Mail box? Yes, the mail box contains a book for you to sign your name, where you’re from and when visited. 

Bring a lunch and drinks as there are no facilities available for lunch. In addition, wear comfortable footwear for the exploring or short walks you may take while at the summit. 

The ride is approximately 44 miles long. 
In Summary:
Ride: L’Anse to Summit Mount Arvon
Date: August 19th a free ride weekend
Time: 10:00 a.m. local time (EDT)
Start: 18055 US 41 in L’Anse, MI
Open to all riders, club members or not, everyone is welcome!

Sept. 13 – Club ATV RideCancelled

September 28 – 10th Annual Senior Citizen Fall Color OHV Tour

MI-TRALE will host it’s Annual Senior Citizen Fall Color OHV Tour. We have a morning ride and an afternoon ride. Once again this year, the morning ride will go from Adventure Mountain in Greenland to the Twin Lakes State Park. Those on the morning ride will then have lunch with the Afternoon Riders at the Twin Lakes State Park. The afternoon riders will then go from Twin Lakes State Park back to Adventure Mountain. The ride takes Senior Citizens past historic Copper Mines, over the scenic Firesteel and Flintsteel trestles, with stops along the way for picture-taking.

We are always looking for more side-by sides and drivers to help transport the seniors please contact us 906-482-0656 if you’d like to help