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September 28 2017- 10th Annual Senior Citizen Fall Color ORV/ATV Tour

MI-TRALE will host it’s 10th Annual Senior Citizen Fall Color ORV/ATV Tour. The RIDE is FREE and includes a Pasty Lunch. We have a morning ride and an afternoon ride. Once again this year, the morning ride will go from Adventure Mountain in Greenland to the Twin Lakes State Park. Those on the morning ride will then have lunch with the Afternoon Riders at the Twin Lakes State Park. The afternoon riders will then go from Twin Lakes State Park back to Adventure Mountain. The ride takes Senior Citizens past historic Copper Mines, over the scenic Firesteel and Flintsteel trestles, with stops along the way for picture-taking.

We are always looking for more side-by sides and drivers to help transport the seniors please contact Kim 906-482-0656 if you’d like to help

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