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December 5, 2012
Michigan Motorized Recreation Council
For Immediate Posting & Distribution:

Yesterday, Michigan Senate passed SB 1020 with a historic ORV legislation vote of 38-0. The Bill now moves to the House and to the Committee of Natural Resources, Tourism and Outdoor Recreation.

NOW’S WHERE WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP! and please pass on to as many people as you can. This is so important for ORV Sport in Michigan

PLEASE BEFORE MONDAY December 10, 2012

Send each of the below the following, or similar email, beginning with the Chair. Include your own State Representative in your mailing.

Dear Representative___________

I urge you to support SB 1020 for the following reasons;

Opening SOME M roads for access to gas, food, lodging and area attractions, an economic benefit to local communities.

Two free annual ORV riding days, again, for economic benefit to Michigan tourism.

Raising the DNR event permit requirement from 20 to 75 machines, same reason, tourism.

Greater liability protection for Grant Sponsors, (volunteer trail maintainers) this very same basic language has been in snowmobile statue for decades, simply transferred to ORV statue.

My most sincere Thanks for your consideration and support.

John HappyORVuser
12512 Anystreet
Mytown , Michigan

The U.P. State Representative
Senator Casperson

The Committee of Natural Resources, Tourism and Outdoor Recreation. is Chaired by
Representative Frank Foster (R) District 107, Pellston.

Also serving on the Committee are the following;

Representative Kurt Demrow, (R) Port Austin, D-84
Representative Holly Hughes, (R) Montague, D-91
Representative Joel Johnson, (R) Clare, D-97
Representative Harold L. Haugh, (R) Roseville, D-42
Representative Maureen L. Stapleton, (D) D-4
Representative Timothy Bledsoe, (D) Gross Pointe, D-1
Representative Dian Slavens, (D) Canton Township , D-21

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