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MI-TRALE needs your help to keep your trails open

8-8-2018 MI-TRALE needs your help to keep your trails open.

You may know that MI-TRALE has worked with the Ottawa National Forest (ONF) for the past 3 years to open the new “Ridge Route” on the south end of the Pioneer Trail. This was to avoid the section of trail that went through a wet area. As part of this trail reroute work, MI-TRALE had asked if a new trail head could be developed as part of this project. It was agreed by the ONF to build a new trail head for the ATV users.

That decision is now at risk, and we all have a few of our ATV riders to thank. It seems that some riders believe that someone built a nice flat space for them to do donuts. In using this space, they have caused damage to the trailhead and made an unsafe surface for others to use this site as intended. It is a real shame when a few rider’s actions take away opportunities for all the rest of us.

The other issue that has increased this year is riders going around the restrictive gates placed on the Pioneer Trail. These are designed to easily allow a 65” or less SXS pass through. If your machine does not fit, then you are not legally able to ride this trail. Going around the gate causes resource damage and possible trail closures.

We need you to be mindful of how and where you ride, and if and when you see activities that could result in trail reductions for you, contact the local authorities. If you are uncomfortable making that call, contact MI-TRALE and share the information with us.

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