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Membership Renewal Time

From The MI-TRALE Membership Committee:

MI-TRALE’s Membership Committee has begun our annual membership drive.  Membership applications for 2023 have been sent to the list of our 2022 supporting members via post mail.  Applications will be available in the Annual Newsletter and can also be found here on the MI-TRALE Web Page  We have already received some quick replies and have started the list of members for next year.  Your support is very important and very appreciated.  You help to cover administrative and trail maintenance costs, and equipment needed to maintain nearly 600 miles of various types of trails. Feel free to share sources for the Membership Application with your friends and business that would like to support the trails.  New members will receive a package to show our thanks: the attractive 2023 decal that you can use to proudly display your support, your membership card and a free MI-TRALE paper trail map. You can also find MI-TRALE’s popular “map app” Michigan UP Trails in “Google Play” or  the “APP Store.” All of MI-TRALE’s members are notified via email of our monthly meetings, which are open to the public and very informative.  You can also consider how else you might become involved to help keep this vital trail group going for future generations of trail enthusiasts. Visit ( for this information and more.  Feel free to contact us if you need more information. Thank you for your interest and support of the recreational trails available in the beautiful Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We could not do this without you!

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