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MI-TRALE Received 10,000 Polaris Grant

Polaris Industries has approved a $10,000 T.R.A.I.L.S grant to MI-TRALE
Don Helsel, the president of MI-TRALE stated that “These funds will be used to purchase much needed equipment to ensure that our ORV trails located in 5 western UP counties will be maintained in the safest condition possible.” Helsel further stated that “Without the strong support of the MI-TRALE board, our members, and our supporters this grant would not have been possible.”
“Being able to purchase this equipment will allow us to be much more efficient with our trail projects, and precious volunteer hours” stated Linda Schulz MI-TRALE secretary and wife of Trails Manager Mike Schulz. “Having everything you need on the jobsite and not needing to return because you didn’t have the right equipment for the job is priceless when your covering 5 counties and hundreds of miles of trails” “We are truly grateful for this wonderful grant from Polaris”
It feels great that Polaris Industries recognizes the work that MI-TRALE has accomplished along with the partnerships that have been created the last few years, and is able to support us with this grant so that we can continue to maintain and grow our trail system.

MI-TRALE extends our “Thank You” to Polaris Industries for their continued and generous support of our trail system.

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