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July 18, 2016
We will have a working Equestrian ride on the Multi-Use “LL” Trails.  We will meet at the Paulding Pond at 10am ET, which is located on US45 11 miles south of Bruce Crossing, 8 miles north of Watersmeet and approximately 1 mile south of the Bond Falls road/intersection, set just off the highway on the east side of US45.  The Paulding Pond is a very pretty spot and is featured as a great parking spot and disbursed camping location for equestrians using the LL trail.  We will discuss where to have lunch after the ride.  There are businesses in Paulding where we can pick up sandwiches, etc.
-GPS and become familiar with the trails
-clear high brush from the saddle if needed – bring your nippers
-make notes as to where signs or confidence markers are needed.
Ahead of the ride, we will install a small sign at the Paulding Pond.  We will also place our temporary “Horse and Rider” sign at the side of the road, so you can find us easily.